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Collaborative Law
What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law or the Collaborative Process as it is coming to be known more widely is a way to resolve disputes without court intervention or threat of court. Each party is represented by an attorney trained in the Collaborative process. The parties and their attorneys meet in sessions where the parties have an opportunity in a protected environment to express their needs and wants while receiving legal advice and guidance from their attorney. The Collaborative Process gives the parties the opportunity to arrive at a resolution with which they both agree in a setting that is conducive to free and open discussion and without the hostility and animosity that comes with a litigated process.

Why do I practice Collaboratively?

The longer I am an attorney handling cases that involve families and couples that were once at least in an intimate relationship, the more convinced I am that the litigation method of resolving family disputes does more to destroy children and adults then it does to help them. Litigation sets people up to be adversaries from the beginning and fosters ill will between them. I believe that if we give couples in those situations an alternative that looks forward rather than back, that allows them to be respectful of each other and helps them create their own resolutions to their problems, it will result in more lasting agreements for the individuals and for a chance for them to move forward into a more positive future.

I am committed to the Collaborative Process as a viable and desirable method of resolving disputes. I am a member of two practice groups (The Finger Lakes Collaborative Law Association and the Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area - CLARA) dedicated to educating others about the Collaborative Process and to furthering the practice of Collaborative Law. As part of my commitment to Collaboration I have taken and continue to take numerous trainings and educational opportunities to grow my skills in this area.

To read more about Collaborative Law see the parent organizations' website (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals) at:


For information on the Finger Lakes Collaborative Law Association see our website at:


For information on the Collaborative Law Association of Rochester Area (CLARA) see our website at:


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